Hi, everyone.

Not gone away. Like everyone else, I shall be glad to see the back of 2020.

These past three months I’ve been busier than ever. I always tell others to pace themselves, and that’s what I’ve had to work on since September.

Laurie has herself been extra busy helping people get their vote to count in the U.S. presidental elections as well as being a support through her own country’s struggles with the pandemic.

We both hope to finish the interview when we can.

‘Till then, I’m sure she won’t mind me wishing you a much happier New Year on her behalf as well as my own.

Take good care. Tier 4 as most of us in the U.K. now are means managing the same restrictions as our first lockdown. So stay safe. Write a reminder to yourselves that the vaccine is on its way, and we can all put our hope in 2021.

Best wishes,